Temporary Tattoos: The Perfect Test Drive for the Real Thing

Nowadays, many people are much younger when they start thinking about getting ink done in a permanent capacity. Often it becomes an issue for them much later in life when they regret the decision they made at a young age. Tattoos are something that cannot be erased (even with new laser technologies) and this becomes a problem when the design that someone chooses at 17 is no longer what they want at 30. This is where temporary tattoos come in; we give you the top 5 reasons to get a temporary tattoo before committing to the real thing!


You can find a similar design- One of the beautiful things about temporary tattoos is that you can find a design similar to what you want. In doing this, you are able give it a test run. This will ensure that you are pleased with the design in every way possible.

You can change the position- With temporary tattoos; you can try the tattoo in several different positions before you decide where you want it. This is great if you are thinking about getting a permanent tattoo because it will show you where the best place is to put your work of art.

You can apply and remove with ease- Temporary tattoos can be applied and removed very easily which allows you to test and re-test the tattoo wherever you want. Using some water to apply and a bit of baby oil or rubbing alcohol to remove, this is much easier than sitting through a laser removal process!

You can change your mind- With temporary tattoos; you are not locked into the design or the ink when you place it on your body. You can change your mind and easily remove the tattoo if you decide that it is not for you. Permanent tattoos are not so forgiving, if you end up hating the tattoo, removing it is quite the ordeal.

You can try something else- Maybe you have a few different designs in mind, fear not! With temporary tattoos you can try as many designs as you want. You are not locked into anything and you do not have to stick with one design at all. You can change them as the tattoos wear off, or remove them to try something new right away.

Temporary tattoos are truly commitment free. They are a great resource to use when you are trying to make decisions about getting a real and permanent tattoo, and they allow you the freedom to walk through all of your options before making a choice that will be with you forever.