Temporary Tattoo Business Cards

Increasingly, we’ve been receiving orders for custom temporary tattoo business cards.  That’s right: temporary tattoos intended to be distributed as business cards.  We’ve seen orders from a wide variety of industries. We recently received an order for the custom temporary tattoo below from a hair stylist and we wanted to highlight it here:

This is a great example of a temporary tattoo business card because it takes full advantage of every element a temporary tattoo has to offer:

Full-color logo on the front
A corner store front: 2500€ a month. Ad in the local paper: 125€. Your logo as a temporary tattoo: priceless. A temporary tattoo in and of itself draws attention, whether it is applied or not. It sparks interest and conversation. This is why it’s a great (and inexpensive) tool for promoting your brand.

Custom back
A little known fact is that the back of the tattoo is just as customizable as the front. In our example the hair stylist takes full advantage of this by including the company address, website and social media information.
Most temporary tattoo business cards are not meant to be applied. After all, who really wants to wear a picture of a local real estate agent? Some may apply the tattoo for fun, but most will leave it on their desk, post it on a bulletin board or give it to a friend. Temporary tattoos are fun and unique: that is why they’re kept and passed around. As a marketing tool, that equals more impressions. A temporary tattoo business card: a smart, inexpensive way to promote your company. Order one today!