Promote your business with temporary tattoos

People often think of temporary tattoos as toys – sticky little pieces of paper that entertain your kids for a moment. Temporary tattoos are inexpensive, customizable and, most importantly, fun for everyone.

Next time your business participates in a promotional trade show, consider passing out temps instead of fliers that will just end up in the trash with the rest of your competitor’s loot. Pick out colorful, fun designs that will create positive associations with your company’s name in the minds of potential clients. They will appreciate that they can bring something fun home for the kids while your company gets the exposure that separates it from your competition.

We can create custom tattoos for your business in any size and color (call for more information!). It’s easy to send us your artwork with your business name included, or you can ask us to design it for you. Who knows – think the fact that in your next trade show you could see people hanging around with the name of your business on their skin!