Decorating Easter Eggs with Temporary Tattoos

Spring has sprung, and we’re excited to celebrate warmer weather and springtime holidays. One of our favorite new traditions is decorating Easter eggs with temporary tattoos. We’ve heard from a lot of people with questions about using temporary tattoos to decorate eggs and now we present to you the “How To’s” of decorating Easter eggs with temporary tattoos!

Basket of eggs

To have your own egg decorating party with your family, you’ll need:

Hard-boiled eggs

Dye (Food coloring or an egg-dying kit. We dunked our eggs in a vinegar-dye solution)

Temporary tattoos! has a wide selection of fun and affordable temporary tattoos, you cannot go wrong with your own unique style.

1. Choose a design that you would like to use for your Easter eggs.
2. Center the tattoo on the egg and dab the tattoo gently with a damp paper towel, moving from one side of the tattoo to the other so that the entire tattoo design sticks to the egg.
3. Peel away the paper tattoo back – voila! – to reveal your design.
Sometimes you may need a few more pats with your damp cloth to smooth out any wrinkles. Once you nailed down the perfect process, you continue decorating the rest of our eggs. You can leave some of the tattooed eggs white, and dye others after you have applied your tattoos. After a few minutes of tattooing and dying, you will have an entire basket of fun decorated eggs.