We can print your own designs or help you create your custom temporary tattoos.

You can customize

  1. Design
  2. Back of tattoo
  3. Package

We accept orders for custom tattoos of Minimum 100 pieces.


Why create a custom tattoo in bulk?

Well beside having a lot of tattoos with your own design, custom tattoos can be used for:

  • Events
    • Weddings
    • Charities, Fundraisers & Non-Profit Organizations
    • Sports Companies/Sports Marketing/Sporting Events
  • Advertising Agencies & Public Relations Firms
    • Tattoos can be passed out during advertising trade shows, conferences, and speaking events.
  • Company and Corporate Logos
  • Consumer Products Companies
  • Teen & Kid Marketers
    • If a company markets to children and teens, temporary tattoos are a fun and cheap way to grab their attention.
  • Seasonal Marketing
  • Retail
    • Our temporary tattoos can act as a trendy accessory to any retailer’s merchandise. For example, couple any tank-top with the sale of one of our popular arm band tattoos or try selling a swimsuit and suggesting pairing it with a temporary back tattoo. This helps the customer envision wearing your merchandise and it acts as an affordable and fun accessory for your patrons. Moreover, retail stores, especially ones with a focus on youth, can include temporary tattoos with every purchase.