About Us

Doodleskin is a Greek based company specialized in the design of temporary Tattoos. We love creative design, illustration and typography as well as quality and customer satisfaction. Our Products are non toxic and are printed in the U.S with the highest security standards

Our Philosophy

“No pain. All gain”
We promise great and stylish tattoos without the painful work. That’s why we changed the famous motto “No pain No Gain” to fit the new standards…not all things need to be hard.


Our Team


Dimitris Gkemitzis

Everything you see on the front end of our web site and all the things you don’t see are crafted on his underground lab by his super computer…he owns the Matrix (on Blue Ray) and is one of the few guys that can actually communicate with machines (Daft punk) and humans at the same time!!


Avgoustos Loumis

A market(ing) handler able to form and shape the (strategic) elements in order to provide the best product through the best channels and get some publicity at the same time! Whatever you need he is your guy…well our guy actually.


Christos Gkemitzis

A creative mind on the one side and a strong administrative enforcer on the other side. Things run smoothly, on target and on time because things are afraid of his professionalism…but on the other hand many of these awesome things are created by him.

Awesome level 5/5
Awesome level 5/5
Awesome level 4/5 nooooo ok  5/5
Our team is fit non toxic and designed with the highest security standards